EXAM – electronic exam software for higher education

EXAM is a modern software, developed and used by a consortium of Finnish Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (24) with the support from the Finnsih IT Centre for Science – CSC and Arcusys Ltd, to be used fororganizing electronic exams in higher education. Its primary purpose of use is in electronic exam studios monitored by cameras, but also other means of electronic exams can be carried out (e.g. BYOD).

A supported system for different types of exams

  • EXAM software supports fixed and randomly varying essay question exams, automatically checked multiple choice question exams, fill in the blanks -questions and combination of these.
  • EXAM supports personal exams (such as maturity exams) and public exams
  • The system supports several assessment scales in questions (points, pass/fail, numerical)
  • The system has a question bank for questions to be stored in and shared with examiners

Each user role has its own desktop view (essential information of the role included). Roles are teacher, student and admin. Automated backup savings are done during the exam (once every minute) and status information is transmitted during the exam process to relevant roles. Admin gets statistical information to follow processes.

Instructions in English for teachers

Instructions in English for students

Interface and information integration

Exam supports following integrations:

  • Recognition of the user and role are carried out with FunetEduPerson scheme based on Shibboleth federation identity solutions for Finnish Universities. The minimum requirements for the system are users name, role and organization information plus student/staff ID.
  • Study module/course description is retrieved from the student information systems (SIS) when creating an exam for that course. This information can be manually edited and completed where necessary.
  • Exam’s current studio reservations can be retrieved for selected personell (entry points, monitoring)
  • The grades can be transferred from Exam to  SIS for registering

Technical realization and architecture

  • The service has been implemented with client-server architecture. The connection between server and client end communicates via REST-interface.
  • Server – Play framework with its components
  • Within the server, the following units can be seen: data model, controllers and Deadbold 2 authorization module
  • Client interface libraries and other components:
  • Interface: AngularJS-library
  • Interface adjustments: Twitter Bootstrap
  • Visual notifications: Toastr-library
  • Interface icons: FontAwesome-library
  • Editor: CKEditor, in which the writing design and mathematical formulas adding do with TeX editor (uses MathJax library)

For more information, please contact the chair of the EXAM-consortium
Sanna Sintonen, Tampere University of Applied Sciences
+35850 409 8471
firstname.lastname () tamk.fi